10 years of service

I told you about this special day right. Yes. You must have guessed from the title. I have completed 10 years of my working experience. It was on November 1oth 1999, i joined my first job soon  after college and am still continuing the same job… 10 years have gone.. time really flies.. I still remember my first day – my parents looking for auspicious time to leave home, time to sign in the office register, (intime – you only have manual in/out times entered manually in those days), enormous amount of blessing from all elders at home, etc… It is fun to think of those now..

Often, my friends used to ask me how to you manage in the same job so long.. (It was a fashion once (not now in recession) to keep changing jobs). It all depends on what you value as important in your work and job satisfaction. I have a tricky answer for these people. You know what, in these 10 years, my company name has changed thrice. So, i too tell them i have been working for 3 different companies in these 10 year.. am i right or not? what do you say…


2 responses to “10 years of service

  1. Cool! Wish you all the best and may the company name change many more times:-)) Looking forward to hearing about the lill ones..

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