True montessorian

Last week there was a PTM (Parents Teachers Meeting), where Oviya’s teachers claim her to be a true montessorian. She was introduced into the montessori system as early as 2 years and her teachers were all in praise of her as a very smart girl. (Only i know how she is at home). Some kids show dual behavior and oviya is a similar kind. She is so soft, quiet, obedient, smart, and what not… at school. At home, she is the boss and everyone has to listen to her. Panimalar doesn’t show so much difference yet. She has started schooling only 4 months ago. So have to wait and see. I will do a separate post with respects to their likes, dislikes, behaviors.. etc..

Now, coming to true montessorian. Oviya does a lot of activities at home which is a reflection of her montessori teaching methods. She is more interested in collecting small similar objects and storing them for her play work.  Some of the snaps from her collections. (I missed to take snaps of lots of her collections and these are only very few i remembered to store)

small red seeds that she collects from the play area


tic tac


rice + cereals

rice & cereals

beans seeds

beans seeds

small leaves

small green leaves

more in the next post


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