on our little copy cat

We used to call our little daughter(Ilakia alias Panimalar) as kili pillai (little parrot), because she repeats whatever her elder sister says / does…  Something like the pug in the vodafone advertisement.

If Oviya jumps around, she also jumps around

If Oviya rides bicycle, she also wants to ride (sometimes oviya’s cycle itself – picking up a fight with her sister. or if they are in good mood, shares the same bicycle in round robin way)

If Oviya writes, she also want to write (sometimes in the same book)

If Oviya utters some words, she repeats like a kili pillai (without even knowing the meaning of what she says)

So, from drawing, painting, eating, sleeping, dancing, crying and even going to toilet – both of them want to do it together.

It is really fun to see them grow like twin sisters.

And here are some more collections from the twin sisters.

small beads from her dress

small beads

medium sized beads from her dress

medium sized beads

can you guess this? this is her crayons (she made this using kajal sharpener)


sombu (fennel seeds) from hotel

after food refreshener

my hair bands became one of her play items

hair bands



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