Our Little Radha Krishna

November 14th – Children’s day – The first thing to comes to the minds of small kids parents is about the fancy dress celebration at school. It’s really nice to see those little kids in different costumes, their dialogues, their cry, their innocence.. etc..

Oviya and Panimalar are participating in fancy dress celebration for the first time and we choose the standard radhai for our Oviya and lord Krishna for the kutty panimalar. It was a nice experience from choosing costumes to getting them ready for the program. For their one minute appearance on stage, there were lots of back stage effort. But it was nice to see little ones dressed differently. Both of them fitted very well in their costumes. Here are some snaps of our kutty radhai and krishna.

radha krishna

lord krishna


More pictures at http://picasaweb.google.com/rajiezhil



2 responses to “Our Little Radha Krishna

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