Oviya’s teeth & Pepsodent Ad

Oviya’s teeth has a long history behind it. It was all fine till 2 years. Then she had multiple milk teeth decay. The reason being she was in bottle feed for a long time almost till 2.8 years. Panimalar was born when Oviya was 1.7 years and we couldn’t wean her from bottle in the right time. Being the first child at home, she was petted a lot and left to her choice. She was late in speech too. Since the age difference between the 2 kids was less and she didn’t talk and also she was not very good at her food habits, we didn’t want to force things on her, in fear of her getting affected emotionally. Already she had a sibling to share her mother, father, thatha, paatti and all at home. But, she accepted her sister very nicely. Its only we elders who fear a lots. Kids are beatiful.

The first snap with her sister, soon after she was born.

Ovi & Ilaki - 1st picture


Now coming to her teeth, it started decaying one after another and she almost lost her front upper 4 teeth. She was throwing temper tantrums often.  It took us sometime to find out it was because of the decayed teeth and the pain associated with it. We took her to a dentist and we were misguided saying that things will become alright when her milk teeth falls and normal teeth comes at around 7 years or so.. She suffered a lot for almost a year and then at her 3.9 years, we luckily spotted a pediatric dentist who solved her problem. She had to undergo a months treatment with 6 root canals and 6 false teeth and she was very happy about her teeth though the treatment was painful.

Lot of things changed after that. – her speech, her confidence, her eating habits, etc.. And a great relief for us.

Now coming to the relation to the Pepsodent Ad. Since her front teeth are all false ones, she should not bite hard things using her front teeth. Food items are ok. Somethings like pencil are not allowed. While writing she forgetfully puts it in her mouth and i keep reminding her about her teeth. Once when she was seeing this ad in TV, she said “His mother is also more concerned about his teeth, just like you.” (The ad carries a sentence meaning “my mother is more concerned about my teeth rather than me”). Whenever this ad comes, we both see each other and laugh.




2 responses to “Oviya’s teeth & Pepsodent Ad

  1. 6 root canals? my God, how did poor Oviya take this?

    • Yes. it was tough. I thought after her first day’s treatment she would refuse to come to the dentist the next day. But, i did prepare her well before going to the dentist and we all promised her that she will get all her teeth like any other child. We later found out that her friends were making fun of her for the broken teeth and that was worrying her. (Nowadays all these teasing among friends starts at age 3 itself). So our promise made her accept to the treatment and she was very cooperative throughout the treatment. And finally she was very happy about her teeth and was very proud showing it to each and everyone she met.

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