Tours & Packing

It is always fun at home while preparing and packing things for a tour.  Kids are always exited about going out. The actual preparation starts almost a week ago with countdown of how many days left to start. And on the final day, just before starting, packing things would go for an hour or so.

Ovi & Ilaki has a separate travel bag. (One bag for both of them). They won’t allow any other’s item in their bag. And, if it is a trip for a function, then extra care is taken to pack dresses for the evening reception, morning muhurtham, nalangu, etc. Then their casual wears, night dresses, under garments and so on.. And, they are very happy to choose and pack their things themselves. Then the accessories.. That is a big list. From bangles to chains to hair bands, clips, and sometimes even slippers, they try to match for their dress and pack it. It doesn’t mean that they have dozen pairs of slippers of different colors. Off the 2 to 3 pairs they have, they would choose. I am very cautious in not buying them whatever they ask for or if things are costly.. I am very frugal in a way and want them to be so.. Bangles and clips – they have all different colors. after all, they wear it only on occasions. Ear rings – no changing business. They have the simple gold stud which was used while piercing and it is not changed after that. Plastics or metal don’t suit them, atleast at this age.

See.. so many things to take care of while packing.. Then, their soaps, paste, brush, medicines also get into their bag in different compartments. All these would take some 1 or 2 hours for them. Ohh.. I forgot one more thing. The flavours for their beverages. Oviya takes only strawberry complan and Ilakia takes boost as their beverage twice a day. So they pack that bottles too. And then their water bottles and milk sippers. Yes, still they use sippers for their beverages. I have been asking them to change to tumblers, which is yet to be done.  Even if i forget one item from the above list, Oviya would remind me. So clever girls they are..

But, after we are back, unpacking – ah.. that is mom’s work. No excitement in doing that..

Tours & Packing are interesting only after the kids are 2 years and above. Before that, it is not so interesting for both mom as well as the kids.  Mom has lots to take care.. Baby food, water, sterilizing the bottles, baby feeds, baby sleeping cradle, crying / sometimes cranky baby to handle, etc.. Unless it is very important function, i would usually avoid taking them out of station and for local functions, i would better leave them with their grandparents and give a quick visit to the function.

I am happy that both of them have crossed that stage and have started enjoying outing with them.



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