Growing long hair

Both the girls have short hair and i do the hair cutting myself once in a month. The reasons to their short hair are many. Mainly ease of maintenance – (getting ready to school quickly, protection against lice, easy wash and dry) and also to protect from the frequent cold they caught.

But the point of this post is that, Oviya always likes to grow long hair and last week when we were in my cousin’s marriage, she used the bride’s false hair for her and here are some pictures from that.

Oviya with long hair..

now it is our little panimalar’s turn

I can’t imagine them having such long hairs for the trouble of maintaining it. But nice for a photo session.


4 responses to “Growing long hair

  1. Raji

    Have you seen the “..appo amma, neeyum pogadhey office” advt?

    • Yes. I have seen that advertisement. But, Oviya has not yet noticed it fully.
      “neeyum pogadhey office” comment has already come comparing some of her friends mom who are home makers.
      Then, i will have to give her examples of working mom and keep her convinced.

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