Big Vs Small mistake

It is the duty of parents to correct the kids when they are wrong.  Whenever Ovi misbehaves, i do scold her and i also ensure that i give reasons for me getting angry at her and the reasons as to why she should correct herself. Without giving proper reasons, she will not accept. Nowadays kids are so. Gone are the days where we blindly accept things because it is being told by elderly people.

Now, coming to the point, Oviya is a very sensitive girl and you give a stubborn look, she will take it seriously and start complaining that amma has scolded me. Yesterday night when she was not sharing a book with her little sister, i gave a stern look at her. Thats all. She turned the house upside down complaining that amma has scolded me.

Then, i called her and asked her what was her problem. And this was the conversation.

Me :  Ovi, why are you now misbehaving? what is wrong with you?

Ovi :  Daily you always scold me ma. You should only scold for big mistakes. and not for small small mistakes.

(I was surprised by her words and was curious to know her classification)

Me :  Oh.. is that so.. how do you classify a mistake as big or small? can you give me some examples.

Ovi : Hitting / dashing others, beating friends are only big mistakes. Aunty (their teacher) will scold only for that. Not sharing things are small mistakes and you should not scold for those small mistakes.

I couldn’t control my laughter on hearing her classification (though i didn’t show it to her) and then i have to do a lot of counselling for her to share things with her sister.

It is very easy to pacify her. All her anger are very momentary. And she forgets about those fights the very next moment. But that is not the case with Panimalar. She keeps things to heart and will never forget.



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