Karthigai deepam special

Festival means celebration. Celebration means the kids are in their peak of energy and joy. Yesterday being karthigai deepam, oviya was preparing for it from a week ago. Any occasion, pre one week, and post one week, the talk of the house will be that. You need some topic to keep them engaged and i give them small activities which they really love doing.

For this year deepam, Oviya wanted to light lots of lamp and we bought around 4 dozens in different sizes and shapes. For them, tuesday (the deepam day) was a holiday. Sunday night she told me, she is planning to take leave on monday. I asked her the reason for which she told, she need to prepare for the deepam. I then somehow managed to send her to school on monday.

Again, monday night before going to sleep, she asked to wake her up early the next day. I asked her why? She told she should light the lamps. I told her it is only in the evening and she can relax in the morning. The kids will not allow me to go to office, if it is a holiday for them. I promised them that i would come early in the evening and asked them to keep everything ready and then they allowed me to go to office. Oviya called up in between to remind me to come home early.

It all went on well and the kids enjoyed the evening. Here are some snaps.


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