Oviya is an active learner and as any kid of her age (4.6), she is very curious to know lot of things. We keep telling her things/object names in both Tamil and English so that she learns both the language. Whatever word she hears of, she will ask me the tamil equivalent if it is english word or vice versa.

One fine morning, she came to me with a curious question.

Ovi : ‘K’ for Kangaroo. Amma, is it right?

Me : Right dear. you are correct.

Ovi : Then what is it called in Tamil?

Me : (I really don’t know?)  But, i told her, in tamil also it is called kangaroo only.

Ovi : How could it be called by the same name?

I then explained to her that it is actually an australian name and the kangaroo is an australian animal and so it is called so in both the language. Not convinced with my answer, she went and verified it with her grandpa. Ovi’s grandfather is a tamil scholar and he gave the tamil name for the family Macropodidea to which the kangaroo belongs.  I actually forgot the name that he told.  Ovi thought for a moment and said, i will call it by name kangaroo itself.


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