Piggy Bank

My friend Vidya’s post triggered me to write this.

My kids got two beautiful piggy bank from their uncle in UK. It was beautiful when they unpacked the gift, but after that they changed it by painting the eyes, introducing mouth, forehead etc and also broke it and put bandage at the piggies leg and tail. It’s even more beautiful now with their touch.

Now coming to the point, they have certain rules for their bank.

1. No rupee notes allowed. They accept only coins. They don’t value the rupee note and consider it to be some piece of paper.

2. In coins too, they allow only 1 or 2 rupee coins. 5 rupee coin is banned as it is very small in size compared to the other (1 and 2 rupee coin) and so they value that less.

3. Even in 1 or 2 rupee coins, one need to give them both the same 1 rupee or 2 rupee coin (same size, shape, appearance, etc.). You can’t give 1 rupee coin to one person and a 2 rupee coin to the other person on the same day. (or even 2 differently looking coins). They want ditto ones.

And my rule is, per day  i will give them only once. And they should not trouble others asking for coins.

We are ok with either side rules and its going on fine so far. In this pace, it will take long time for the banks to get filled.

We haven’t decided as to what we will do with their savings. Or, I haven’t asked that question to them yet.  I will update once we decide on it.


3 responses to “Piggy Bank

  1. The piggies look so cute Raji! Am surprised how they did not fight over getting the same colored ones:-)

    • Oh.. that’s a different story altogether. They did start a fight comparing the color and gender (yes, i didn’t realize until oviya told me that the pink one is a girl and the yellow piggy is a boy) and since i told them i am going to take away both the piggies if they continue to fight, they settled with pink one for oviya and the other yellow piece for panimalar.

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