On hospitality and taking care

Oviya was down with viral infection for the past 2 days and didn’t come out of her bed. She is better now. But these 2 days, i was astonished with the care from her little sister Panimalar.

First of all, the little one is not used to going to school alone without her elder sister. I had to explain her that Oviya is not feeling well and so she has to go to school alone. She understood and got ready to school promptly. In the afternoon, when she returned, we had our usual pep talk about the things that happened in the school on that day. The first thing Panimalar told was, “Amma, I have informed Oviya’s class teacher that Oviya is having fever and so she didn’t come to school today”.  Surprised by her words, I said “so sweet of you my dear” and tightly hugged and kissed her. She went away happily.

Actually i have not instructed her to inform Oviya’s class. But the reverse has happened already. When Panimalar was ill, i did ask oviya to inform the little one’s class teacher. That observation has made her to inform about her elder sister’s illness without even anyone of us asking her to do so.

Again, in the afternoon, when i was leaving to office, the little one came till the door and said “Amma, you don’t worry, I will take care of Oviya until you are back” and left me in tears.

Oviya was actually making use of the situation and was asking for water, milk, etc from her bed and the little master was serving her elder sis with all her requests.  Oviya was so happy that her little sister did everything for her.

We are very proud of you Panimalar and we love you so much..


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