Christmas celebrations

Last week when oviya returned from school, she was full of excitement.  I asked her the reason and this was the conversation.

Me : What Ovi, looks very excited. Anything special at school?

Ovi : Yes ma. You know, next week friday is christmas. we all set up the christmas tree in our school.

Me : Oh. really. that’s very nice dear.

Ovi : Amma, can we also celebrate christmas?

Me : Sure. Do you remember, I took you to a church during last year christmas. This year also i will take you to a church.

Ovi : No. I don’t want that.

Me : Then, what do you want?

Ovi : I want to set up a Christmas tree at our house?

Me : Ok. We will surely do that. And we will also visit a church.

Ovi : Ok Mummy.

She was so happy at my approval and here is the tree that we setup.

Note : I am not sure of the customs or what should be must in a tree and the order of placing them, etc.. I didn’t want to disappoint the kids and so set it up as per their wish.



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