It’s second term holidays for the kids and they are at their peaks. The holidays begins with christmas and ends in new year. Christmas being on a friday, I got a 3 days leave from work. So, had been to my mom’s place at Pondicherry during the weekend.  It’s full of fun for the kids with shopping, eating out, visiting other relatives and generally roaming about..

This snap from the sunday market visit.

Now, since i have to resume work on monday, i had to come back to Chennai. Oviya has been used to being with her grandma without asking for me. She doesn’t miss me in the company of her grandma. But the little one has not been away from me so far. But i did give her the option and she said NO. I will not stay away from you and came back with me.

But the point is, however they fight with each other, the sisters miss each other now. After coming here, the little one is adamant on going back to her grandma’s place. And if i ask her “will you stay there in my absence?” she promptly replies, “NO. You take leave and come with me”. I have been doing lots of counseling to console and pacify her.

I am hoping at least for the summer vacation, the little one understands and stays away from me and with her sister in her grandma’s place. Let me wait and see..


3 responses to “Holidays

  1. Why cant you just take the week off anyway and go to Pondy?

    Happy new year to you, Dr Hubby, Oviya & Panimalar.

    And AWESOME BLOG 🙂 ..

    • Thanks. Happy new year wishes to you & your family.
      Apart from office work, i have other commitments here.
      Got my project review this weekend which cannot be skipped.

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