Oviya’s prayer

I always used to think that if i start my work early on monday morning, the entire week will go fine and try to do so.  You call it superstitious, i would call it as a psychological feeling.

OK. On this new year, Monday being the first day of this year we work, i was prompt to office and Monday went on well. Only Monday.  The rest of the week, i became very weak and was almost bed ridden. High fever with joint pains. Doctor confirmed it as viral fever and with enormous dose of pain killers and b-complex, feeling better now.

Now coming to the point, my mom was with me here during the last week. She asked Oviya to pray to god for quick relief for me. Oviya went to the pooja room and came back and this was the conversation.

Grandma : Ovi, what did you pray to god?

Ovi : Amma’s fever should not go..

Grandma : (in a surprised tone) why dear?

Ovi : Then only she will take leave and be at home.

I knew this will her answer.  Whatever be the state, kids are happy if mom is at home.


2 responses to “Oviya’s prayer

  1. Hey Raji

    How are u feeling now?

    • Far better. still some joint aches are there. i heard it will remain for some more weeks.
      but, have started my regular work.

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