Republic Day Celebration

There was republic day celebration in our colony and a notice about it, was displayed in the notice board for everyone to attend it. The notice board of the colony is near our house, so we knew all that is happening in our colony. Oviya will be very curious if something is displayed in the notice board and asked about it yesterday. I told her, it is about the republic day celebration in our ground next to the park. The immediate question was what is republic day. I tried explaining her. Not sure if she understood. But, she wanted to attend the flag hoisting. I asked her to get up early in the morning. (On holidays, 8 a.m is early for her as she would get up at 10 or 11 a.m only).

Now it was my turn. I said, i will wake her up only once and if she doesn’t get up, she can’t attend the flag hoisting. Beacause, waking her up is a real big challenge for me on school days. You cannot get angry at her too as it will still worsen the situation. So, daily you should create something interesting for her to get up on time. Not that she doesn’t like to go to school. She actually loves going to school, but her problem is getting up early and having breakfast before leaving for the school One day i left her to sleep and after she got up, she was very upset that she missed her school and was even more moody for the entire day.

Now, coming to the point, she must have slept thinking that she should get up early. She got up at 2 or 3 am and asked me if it was good time to get up and get ready. I couldn’t open my eyes and just asked her to sleep and that i would wake her up at 7 a.m. At 7 a.m, she woke up sharply and got ready and attended the flag hoisting. She was so happy to sing the national anthem and to wear the flag. Got one for her little sister too who was happily sleeping till 10 a.m.



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