First Blood Test

Since the kids were born (elder one is 4.9 and younger one is 3.1) they have been down with cold and fever on and off and my husband being a doctor, we used to give them medicines ourselves and have rarely visited a pediatrician except 1 or 2 instances where that too were friendly visits to my husband’s friends place. Even vaccination was done by my husband himself. The kids have not undergone any blood test (except for the first time to find their blood group, that too not in front of us).

The point of my post is about the first blood test for the kids that too for the little one panimalar. She had to undergo a simple blood test and i was the one who was more worried and made a big show at the lab. For me, my kid is more important than what others think of me. The blood sample was to be taken in empty stomach and i had to cut off her early morning milk. The previous day itself i called up the lab and informed that i will be bringing a 3-year-old girl for a blood test, so that they were prepared for it.

The fine day morning, somehow managed not to give her anything and took her to the lab at around 9 a.m. (that is the time she got up). I have told her that i am taking her out for shopping and she came so happily. The moment, i took her inside the lab, her face changed. She didn’t cry (as i expected), but started telling me “come. we will go out”. I somehow convinced her, (promising chocolates later) and we were called inside for taking the sample. Actually i was more nervous than panimalar and asked them thousands of questions. I also informed them that they cannot go for a second trial or so (as they do it for elders), because once she knew what they are doing, she will not co-operate the next time and asked them to do it at one shot.

The person over there first searched for panimalar’s vein in left hand. They couldn’t prominently find it. Then searched for it in right hand.  There also they couldn’t find it. Left, right, left… the search went on for 15 minutes by 2 different persons. But no use.  By now, i became even more nervous. Then they started trying in the area behind the palm. I got tensed. For elders itself, taking blood from behind the palm will pain. How come they can do it for this little one? There again, they were not confident about drawing blood in the first attempt. They said, we will try. I said, “no trying business and all. If you are not sure, then call some experienced people. This is the reason i informed a day earlier” and started walking out. Then they said, they will send an experienced person to our house itself the next day and we came out of the lab. Panimalar was happy and she was very curious to get her share of chocolates that i promised. Sweet girl. I need to keep up my promise for she has cooperated so much and didn’t cry for the entire process. (though she didn’t see the syringe is a different matter). For this itself, Oviya would have made the lab upside down.

The next day morning, lab persons came at 7.30 am and Panimalar was still sleeping. My husband was there at home and that itself made me relieved as he will take care. We woke her up and again the same process. Left, right, left.. they couldn’t find her vein. But this person was confident to take blood in a single shot from behind the palm. I had chocolates, cakes, milk, etc (whatever panimalar likes) ready to console her when she cries. My husband was holding her hand tight and she was sitting in my lap. They took out the needle and pricked the little vein and i was almost in tears. But to everyone’s surprise, panimalar neither made a single sound nor a single drop of tear on her eyes. She kept her face so stubborn and made a little frown when they pricked. Thats all. I was almost shocked to see this.  I actually started getting different sets of questions on my mind seeing her not crying, like is she able to feel pain, etc.. etc..

After an hour or so, i made her lie down on me and gently asked her if it pained or not. She said, “yes. it pained.”.  Then i asked her why she did not cry and she immediately told “I didn’t cry. so what?”. We all appreciated her with loads of hugs and kisses.

If i sit and think, i have undergone lots of blood test, donated blood, undergone 2 c-sections with just 3 days stay in the hospital, yet a simple blood test for my kid made me so tensed. Where has all my braveness gone? Now i understand why my mother was so worried about me, though she is even bolder than me.


3 responses to “First Blood Test

  1. awesome post.. and so true.

  2. Panimalar is a strong girl. Very much like her mom and grand-mom!!

  3. Very true vidya. I am able to see a reflection of me in her.

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