Teacher children relationship

Kids are very possessive about their belongings, be it their toys, books, dresses, to their mom, dad, grandparents and teacher. We always get any item for both of them. (similar or differently looking – but 2 in number, be it toys or books or dresses or chocolates, etc. 2 or multiples of 2. There cannot be an odd one left. If i buy 3 chocolates, saying them one for me, they don’t agree. Oviya’s reason is chocolates are for kids and not for elders.  Sometimes, both of them strongly pick up a fight saying “My mom”. Then i have to lift both of them, pacify them saying both are my children and i love them both equally. Thats only momentary and they forget that fight when compared to other things.

Now, coming to the point, Oviya was not able to adjust to a different teacher at age 3. Now she understands there are many teachers and each one handled different subject or topic. The younger one Panimalar is at this stage now. I knew she is very possessive about her teacher. The usual comment in any PTM (Parent Teacher Meeting) is that she always want her teacher to sit beside her.

Last week, after the annual day celebration, after 2 weeks of practice and playing around, the kids were to start their normal routine. Monday the kids went happily. But Tuesday, panimalar refused to go to school. She just said, she wanted to stay at home and not go to school. No cold, no fever. She was absolutely healthy to go to school. I somehow sent her forcibly. Tuesday night, she started the same thing and refused to even sleep. I then said “OK. you take leave tomorrow. Now sleep”. She was happy and slept. As said, i didn’t disturb her and she slept happily till 11.30 am the next day. And when i reached home for lunch, she asked me “why you went to office early before i got up?”. I was laughing at myself and said “you got up late today. See. you didn’t go to school too.” She looked at me silently and then said “I told i will go tomorrow”. OK. fine you can go tomorrow.

The next day morning, the same scene continued. I didn’t want to encourage her and i sent her forcibly. I have already sensed that something had happened at school. But, you cannot go and meet their teachers at our wish. I can’t wait till the next PTM to find out what happened. So, i asked Oviya to inform her teacher and ask her teacher to talk with Panimalar and find out what had happened. Oviya liked giving her elderly responsibilities and said “Ok mummy. i will inform”. I also called their school and was able to reach her class teacher on phone. And this was her class teacher’s response. “Don’t worry mam. She is alright. I took her separately and talked to her. May be she had something in her mind and is cleared now. She is working fine”.

I was a bit relieved on hearing this and from next day she was as usual without any fuss or cry. Nobody knew the reason till now. She had something in her mind about her teacher not talking with her the way she expected or something. God only knows. She is perfectly fine now. But, i have started worrying what she will do next year when there is a change in class teacher. Hopefully she become mature to understand and not make a big fuss.


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