English speaking

Nowadays any school insist on kids communicating in english at nursery level itself. Same is the case with Oviya’s school, but they don’t strictly force the kids. Being a Montessori school, the kids are left at their wish and it really works. I didn’t bother about talking with Oviya in english until she was 4 years old. After 4, i slowly started conveying certain things in english and asked her if she understood. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. If she doesn’t understand, she will ask me to repeat in tamil (our mother tongue).

Even though she understood what we talked, she first hesitated to reply back. Gradually by talking with friends and teachers, she started talking with me in broken english and i really love to hear her small pep talks. While she returns from school, she insists that i will have to pick her up from the van drop point and on our way home we will have a pep talk. Staying close by office is an advantage and i adjust my lunch time to spend sometime with my kids.

The routine conversation is as follows.

Me : What did you do at school today?

(Since i asked her in english, she will also reply in english)

Ovi : Mummy. I work. I play. I eat. I draw. I come home.

Me : Anything special at work? (One day it will be an information sharing, other day she will tell about birthday celebration, some other day about the drawing /art activities.. Daily she will have some news to share.)

Ovi : Today. aunty tell giraffe information.

Me : What did you learn from that?

Ovi : Giraffe, tall leg, tall neck, eat leaf, no drink water.

Me : Finished your lunch?

Ovi : half finish. no time. karate master come.

By this time, we would have reached home. It will be so nice to see her talk with full blooming eyes and expressions with nodding her head on either side. I keep correcting her to use past tense, but she hasn’t changed yet. Actually speaking, i like her talk this way. Anyway, as time flies she will automatically correct her communications.

Seeing her elder sister, our little panimalar has already started talking broken sentences which is even more fun to hear. A long way to go…


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