Fruits and Vegetables

“5 a day” is becoming very essential for everyone (not only kids) in this busy world. I don’t force exact 5 a day for my kids. But, i am trying to develop a healthy food habit for them. But, when it comes to kid’s eating habits and choice, they are more attracted towards the junk foods rather than having a healthy one. And, they are very choosy on their own.

My 2 kids are entirely different. The elder one (Oviya) likes all fruits. Go to a fruit shop, you can buy everything and she wants 3 to 4 varieties every day. Soon after she returns from school, she wants her portion of fruits ready. (washed, peeled, cut to pieces and ready to eat form). But, she doesn’t take any green vegetables. She is very poor at that. She likes only potatoes and drumstick (in sambar).  I somehow force her to take carrots.

The younger one is just the opposite. She eats all green vegetables. She wants daily at least 2 varieties of vegetables for lunch. But never touches any fruit except apple that too occasionally. I tried my level best and still trying to make her eat some fruits. I don’t know when she is going to develop that habit.

Every kid is different and has their own taste. It is really a tough job for my maid to prepare food for them. But she prepares whatever they ask for. Snaps from oviya’s fruit menu.

Oviya happily relishing them.


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