Tortoise and hare story

Everyone is aware of the tortoise and hare story and it is one of the moral story taught in kinder garden classes. Oviya likes this story telling session and she wanted me to listen while she narrated the story. She wanted to tell the story in english and wanted me to check if she is right. We agreed upon and she completed the story in small small sentences that she could frame. She finished it as “finally tortoise win, rabbit lose.” She always uses present tense for everything. I have been correcting her to use past tense and corrected the last sentence too. I told her “you have to finish is as ‘tortoise won and rabbit lost'”.

Here started the confusion for her. She asked “won means, is it one, two, three.. that one.”. Oh. no.. I had to explain her though ‘one’ and ‘won’ had same sound, the meaning is different. I had to write and show her and explain the difference. The immediate next question was “mummy, is lost similar to ‘first, last’..” Again write the spelling for both the words and explain the difference. Not sure if she understood the concept fully. I didn’t want to confuse her more and asked her to use win and lose for now.

I was then wondering how even small things matter them as they learn the language. A long way to go..


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