sisters support for each other

Both of them do everything together and pick up small small fights often. Third person is not supposed to enter into their fight not even to console them, the sisters will easily put the blame on the third person as the root for their fight. Oviya has actually started playing the big sister role and the little master listens to whatever her elder sister commands.

One such incident happened yesterday. While playing unknowingly Oviya happen to hit her little sister and it so happened that the hit was very close to the little ones right eye. (Nothing serious to worry). But, Ilakia started to cry. The grandparents were shocked and scared and scolded Oviya for her actions. Since it happened by mistake, Oviya couldn’t take it and started crying too. The conversation then on as was told by people at home.

Paatti : Ilaki come here. let me see what happened.

Ilakia : Went near her paatti and said, “nothing for me.. why did you make oviya cry?”

Oviya : Ilaki, come here. don’t go to paatti. She made me cry.

Ilakia : ok ovi. (and withdrew from the holds of her paatti and went to her sister)

Paatti was stunned. When i reached home, the kids first complaint was paatti made ovi to cry. Then i have to console her and then ask slowly whatever happened and then she would explain the whole incident.

Happy to see my two darlings growing together.


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