variety of fruits

Every friday, the kid’s school will have some special activity and last friday was fruits day. The kids had to bring different fruits that their teacher asks them to bring. It was sapota for Oviya. She insisted on coming along with me to the market to choose her fruit and was so exited about going to school on friday. She kept asking me what will they do on fruits day. I told her, “How will i know dear? You observer whatever they do and come and tell me”. Her immediate reply will be, “what if i forget?”. (She is forgetful about everything and a ‘doubting thomas’ in our family. She will always have her share of what if it goes wrong type of questions for everything. I am sure she got that from her dad’s genes).

Friday morning, van was bit late (or we were early) and she kept asking me about fruits day. I told her, “Ovi, there will be variety of fruits. You know about all of them and come and tell me”. The immediate response was “No mummy. No variety fruits. There will only be apples, banana, sapota, pineapple, etc.”. I then understood she thought “variety” as a fruit name and had to explain her what i meant. Simple words that we use in our day-to-day life are very new to kids as they pick up the language. In fact, i have already used ‘variety’ umpteen times to her, but i think she understood the meaning only now.


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