Night shift

You have to be very careful while talking with kids or for that matter talking with anyone, in the presence of the kids. They notice every word of yours and ask meaning / reason for everything. One such incident with Oviya. It happened that i had to visit an ATM center at night around 10 p.m. Both the kids have not yet slept and putting them to sleep itself deserves a separate post and let me not deviate here. Both of them wanted to accompany me. I said, “I am not going far away. I am not going by car or bike. I am just walking to the next campus, to the nearest ATM which is located in my office and will be back in 10 minutes”. Any amount of reasoning seems not to work and they started crying. OK. I give up. Come along. On our way to and fro, this was the conversation between Ovi and me, while the little one was observing everything silently.

Me :  Ovi, you should sleep early. Then only you can get up early and go to school in time.

Ovi : Amma, today is friday. tomorrow is saturday. No school. Then why get up early.

Me : Today its fine. On other week days, you are finding it difficult to get up right. So, develop the habit of early to bed and early to rise.

Ovi : OK. I will try.

By this time we reached the parking space of my office and she saw few cars and bikes and people moving around.

Ovi : Amma, are there still people in office? It is already night-time now?

Me : Yes dear. People work even during night hours.

Ovi : When will they sleep?  where?  why you are not working in night?

Me :  Oh.. Common ovi. For this itself, you are asking me why you are coming late? People work in shift kanna. Some people work in morning and some in the night. Night shift people will sleep during the day. (Not sure how much she understood).

Ovi : When will security sleep?

Me : Securities also work in shift and night-time there will be different set of securities.

(I think, by this time she got reminded of my team mates)

Ovi : Mummy, will uncle X still be in office? will that aunty still in office?

(She has met my team mates lot of times and there is a couple in that group and i knew them from my college days. So, one week we visited their house and she saw both of them in the same house. I was expecting her to ask me something that day itself.  She didn’t ask me anything that time and now she had her chance)

Me : No dear.  They would have gone to their house. We once visited. Do you remember?

Ovi : Amma, is that uncle and aunty, like you and daddy?

(Was already wondering what she is going to ask next!!!)

Me : Yes. They are married and work in the same office.

Ovi : Then why you and daddy are not working in the same office?

(Can’t imagine such a situation with the kind of personality we both are… anyway..)

Me : There is no compulsion that we should work in the same office. Moreover, daddy is a doctor and he can only work in hospitals.

By this time we reached home back and she didn’t get a chance to continue the conversation.


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