Oviya is very fond of baby animals and birds and wanted to have them as pets. She just adds “small” to the known pets.  She has been asking me to buy them and give her. I have just told her that “We are currently living in rented house. We cannot keep pets here. I will get her everything once we move to our  own house.” She has also agreed to it and asked me when that will happen.  I have told her that it will happen in few year time (before her 10th birthday) and she has agreed upon.

But her list of pets keeps increasing. Here goes her list. Small dog, small cat, small squirrel, small hen, small duck, small cow, small love bird, small fishes.  She wants to build house for each of them separately in the backyard and grow them. Recently she added “small cranes” to the list. I was surprised and asked her where did she see a crane. She has seen few of them during her visit to Vedanthangal Birds Sanctuary as part of her school trip. She also added that she will build a small pond and put the crane in that.

I am just wondering what else is going to add to her list. So far she has not added any wild animal. I am hoping that i will be able to satisfy her wish, at least a few of them. Let me see how her list modifies during the next 5 years.


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