Home Alone

It’s once again holidays for the kids and they are at their peak as usual. Refer this link to know about their Dec holidays.

Contrary to the December holidays, this time the little one was also set to go to her grandma’s place and she said she will stay away from me without asking for me. Day time she will stay. During the night she will ask for me. So, i was bit hesitant in the beginning and we planned it in such a way that my mom comes here and takes them to her place on a Friday and if the little one asks for me, i can go in the weekend and bring her back.

With lots of enthusiasm, they packed their dresses, toys, books, crayons and all that they would need and left Chennai on Friday evening. I was all prepared to go on Saturday and bring the little one back. But, to my dismay, the little one didn’t even ask for me. When i rang up the next day, she said, i am happy here at paatti’s place, you go to office mummy.

They are happy there. I am not. I miss them so much and feel very lonely. I have not been alone in the past 5 years without my kids. I see a big void in the house. I don’t like to go home which is so quiet and clean and with things in the same place where i left. I am just waiting for the weekend to go and be with them. It’s only Monday today. Four more days to go..


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