School reopens

Summer vacation is over. Two months of vacation, almost most of the time the kids spent in my absence. Both of them enjoyed their vacation to the fullest. One thing was very clear. They would stay away from me but not from each other. Not one day, not one hour, not even one moment. It is so nice to see them grow together.

New sets of uniform, new shoes, socks, bags, lunch box, snack box, water bottle, etc.. Purchased everything new. This year onwards the little one is also going for a full day school. So, both of them go at the same time and return at the same time. The only problem is getting up in the morning. My kids have their own saying, “late to bed and late to rise”.  It is very tough to put them to sleep early. I would be tired of telling stories and i would sleep off before putting them to sleep. Putting them to sleep itself deserves a separate post and i will write that in detail later.

The other big problem for them is their breakfast. Happy to skip it. But a big “NO” from me.  I would somehow manage to feed them half idli or dosai and half tumbler milk. Oviya would have judged that i am not happy and promptly give me the answer that “Mummy. don’t worry. Tomorrow we will get up early and finish our breakfast and start to school in time. Now, you smile and say bye bye.” I have no other option than smile and say bye to them. Naughty girl. She knows how to change my mood. My only concern is that, that tomorrow has never come in the past 3 years of her school life. I am hoping it gets better in this year at least.


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