Oviya’s dad is a radiologist. During off duty and in case of any emergency, his hospital staff will bring the CT/MRI films to our house to get the report. So, Oviya is used to those films. He does online reporting too, but this girl has not seen an online film so far because it will be usually during very odd timings where she has already slept.

Last week he was doing an online reporting and Oviya noticed it. She looked very curious and doubtful and these were our conversation.

Ovi : Amma, how is appa able to view those films in laptop. Usually someone will bring the film right. How did that get into the laptop.

Me : That’s online film ovi. People from appa hospital would have sent that.

Ovi : How?

Me : via Internet?

Ovi : What is internet?

Now how do i explain it to a 5-year-old. I wanted to put it simple for her to understand. So i said, Ovi, all laptops and computers are connected through some wire. You see this telephone wire right. Something like that. Appa hospital also has some computers and they are all connected. So, when they send from there, through these wires it will reach our home.

Ovi : We see a lot of overhead wires outside. Is it through those wires.

Not sure which one she wire referring to. But i said, yes. something like that.

Ovi : (Looking still not convinced) Amma, How can they roll the film and put it into the wire.

I burst into laughter. She has been thinking that someone is physically inserting the film into the wire and not convinced with my answer. Then, i had to explain her it is not like that. There will be a soft copy of the film available in their computer and they send that. Something like our photo. I must have used the photo example earlier. She is used to seeing photos online and also sharing it with his uncles abroad. But she thought all CT/MRI films are only hard film versions and a soft copy doesn’t exist.

What an imagination. Kids are adorable for their innocence and imagination. But they are growing very fast.


One response to “Internet

  1. Ya Raji u r right kids r intelligent n will imagine a lot . we have to prepare ourselves to answer them.
    I think i need to prepare me now itself for Jhanu’s questions!

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