New bicycles

Oviya has been asking for new cycle for a long time and when i asked her if she would share it with her little sister, there was an immediate “NO” from her. Let she use the old one that we have now. (very generous at giving away her used stuffs). I said, we will get a new one for Panimalar too and Ovi liked that idea. (As long as you don’t disturb my cycle it is fine was her expressions).

Last week, we went to a nearby showroom and was amazed at the variety of models and sizes available for kids. And you know what, kids cycles are the most sold ones and you need to make advance booking. We liked a model called flora and 18 inch was correct for Oviya. She took a trial round and was happy with that. She didn’t even allow any other kid to try that cycle and wanted to buy it immediately. But, 16 inch (that fits Panimalar) was not available at that moment. They showed some other model and we didn’t like that one.

Oviya was listening to our conversation and came up with an idea. “Mummy, we will  buy this now. (for herself). Later on we will come and get one for Panimalar.” If i buy only one cycle, i know what will happen at home. So, i said, “No dear. this one is the demo piece and not for sale. Let us order both cycles together and get them later on”. She agreed half heartedly and we made an advance booking and came back. The cycles reached us 2 days later right in time for their holidays now.

Kids first ride.


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