Block printing

This month’s theme at Shruti aunty’s blog contest is block printing. Even after seeing few submitted entries, i didn’t get any idea as to what we could do. But, i have told Oviya about the theme and without knowing what it is, she wanted to do block printing. I didn’t have time and any idea within the time frame and so skipped this month contest.

But, Oviya was not ready to skip it. So, last week we finally decided to do something (even if not for the contest) and was searching their whole toy kits to get some idea and finally landed in the ‘vegetables and fruits stamp kit’. We had some basic poster colors and the kids had nice time mixing them to form different colors for the vegetables and fruits.

Oviya first did the fruits stamping (with little assistance from her younger sister) and wanted me to draw a basket for it. I used the Reynold’s pen bottom to do the basket. The fruits were outside the basket and so for the vegetables, i first did the basket and asked them to stamp the vegetables within the basket. For the boundary, i used the stamp holder. This is our final product.

And the materials used are as follows.

The fun part was after we finished everything. The kids wanted to clean the colors in the stamp kit and had a nice time in the bathroom cleaning all the materials with the help of soap and brush and in the process drenched themselves. Nice way to kill half a day on a sunny saturday.


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