Last month, during the first week of schooling, Oviya didn’t have any homework. Usually she will have to write one page numbers or one page with few alphabets or words. The first line will be written and she has to repeat it for the entire page. But, she will take one hour for that one page with lots of breaks in between.

She has started writing sentences too. She can see and write and not on her own. At age 5, we can’t expect anything more. She can also read small words. So, during the summer vacation, i got her some simple story books for her to read and write. Now coming to the topic, she was taught about Brinjal on a particular day and her teacher had asked her to write few lines about it as home work. It was orally communication to her which she forgot as she left the school campus itself. May be still not out of holiday mood.

Next day morning, just half an hour for the van to come and somehow managed to wake her up and bath her. She suddenly recollected the home work and informed me of the same. I didn’t understand first. Then she explained it as, she was taught about brinjal in yesterday’s class and her teacher asked her and another person to write few lines about it. I was not sure if she volunteered or her teacher asked her to do,but the point is i have to write it in a paper and she will see that and write it in another paper and submit. (since new home work notebook has not arrived). She told me this just few minutes before going to school.

Brinjal – what to write? The first thing that strikes you is Google search. Can’t imagine a world without it. But, I didn’t take my laptop home that day. Where to search? No time also. I was just scolding Oviya, “what did you do the whole of yesterday. You tell me in the last-minute, what shall we do. You need not write anything. No time now. ” She looked very upset at my words. Since it was homework for only two of them, she wanted to write something and go. Ok. I cooled myself and asked her, now tell me what you learnt in yesterday’s class. She thought for a moment and told me exactly these lines.

1. Brinjal is a vegetable.

2. It has small seeds within it.

3. It comes in different colors – green, purple or white.

4. It is rich in iron and calcium.

5. It grows in small plants.

6. It is cooked and eaten.

I was stunned at her recollection power and just hugged her and told wait a minute. These will do. I will write these and give you and you write from that.

Only 10 minutes left and she was able to write only 2 sentences within that time frame. Enough Oviya. This will do. Time to go to school. She happily took both the papers to school.

In the afternoon, as she returned from school, I asked her “what’s new about your homework”. She was so happy and excited and told that the other student forgot to write and her teacher appreciated her work. Then i asked her what was today’s topic. She told it was Capsicum, but the homework is not for her and for other 2 students.

This is what she wrote.

As kids grow, you have to do a lot of homework to clarify their doubts. Next year, she will be starting with english grammar. Noun, verb, adjective… I am very poor at english grammar. Got to study from now on at least to be sure i am not teaching her something wrong.


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