Passport size photos

Passport size photos are used as id proofs everywhere.  That too, those that we use in school are a treasure when we grow up. I hardly have one or two of my school passport size photo. So, I am collecting those of my kids for their future reference. And this is the only instance where i take them to a photo studio for a formal photo session every year.

Oviya had her first passport size photo in 2007 when she was just 2 years. ( Yes. I put her in school when she just completed 2 years 1 month). This is her 4th year in school.

Panimalar made her first studio visit in 2009 when she just completed 2 years, but she joined school in 2 years 6 months. This is her 2nd year in school.

Oviya (2007)                                                     Oviya (2008)

Oviya (2009)                    Panimalar(2009)

Oviya (2010)                      Panimalar (2010)

Time just flies. I don’t want them to grow this fast. I wish we had a stop button in the time machine so they remain as they are.


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