Penguin craft from pet bottle

This month’s theme in shruti aunty’s craft contest is treasure from trash. There are lots of creative ideas using CDs, ATM cards, bottles and all types of trash that are already done and displayed in her blog. I was void of ideas and finally ended with this one.

There were some plastic juice bottles (500 to 600 ml) in various colors and shapes among the toys that the kids used. I actually trash the pet bottles after use. But my kids retain some of them as their play items.

I found a half litre bovonto bottle which was plain without any color or shape deviation. We choose that bottle and used just black and white poster colors to color our penguin. It looked blunt without its wings and head. So, used black chart paper for wings and head and used fevicol to stick them appropriately. On the whole kids had fun painting the bottle as well as discussing some facts about penguins.

Here is our entry for this month contest. Plastic pet bottle converted to penguin.

We could only place it in the top of our shelf as it didn’t fit the other racks.


One response to “Penguin craft from pet bottle

  1. how adorable!!!! 🙂

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