On sleep

Putting my kids to sleep is the tough job of all.  “Early to bed and early to rise” is only part of their nursery rhymes which they never follow. Actually they finish off their dinner by 7.30 p.m and by the time they sleep they will almost start feeling hungry again. I would start calling them to sleep by 8 p.m itself, but there would be some reason or the other from the kids for not coming to sleep. Some of the reasons are “it’s not yet sleep time. I don’t feel sleepy. let me watch this one program alone. I haven’t finished my homework yet. etc.”. Somehow we (myself and the two kids) reach bed by 8.30 p.m. but when we doze of will vary anywhere between 10 and 11 p.m.

Its our regular routine to read some stories. I will have to read the story line by line and translate to them whichever part they don’t understand. Nowadays Oviya has also started reading few lines. And the position has to be, i have to lay down straight with the 2 of them on either side. I cannot turn towards any side. Both of them would want me to turn towards their side and i prefer lying down straight to avoid their fight. While we read the stories, the little one would continue to say the rest of the story while Oviya will pick up a fight with her saying she should not tell the story. Both of them would like to share their school experiences and both of them will talk together with both insisting that i listen to her. If i say one at a time, there will be a quarrel as to who says first. Every day, you have to follow different tactics to keep them satisfied. Not all days are bad. Sometimes, both of them will be at charm and take turns while talking or sleeping. And some days will be really bad.

After the story time, we will switch off the light and put on the music.  I have a soft collection for them to sleep. Even in that both will want different songs and pick up fight sometimes. And it is a standard that after we switch off the light, they will find some reason or the other and would want to switch the light on and move out of bed. Some of the reasons would be, “want to drink some water, want to go to the restroom, i am feeling  – i want some biscuits, this dress got wet while drinking water – so change the dress, i want to change to my nighties, ma – i forgot to brush my teeth – you told we need to brush twice – come let’s go and brush, and it goes on…” I would be at the peak of my patience by then and this has become my standard dialog. “First close your mouth, then close your eyes and sleep. No more talking.”

Again, waking up in the morning is as usual another big task. Most of the times i would be soft but sometimes i have to give harsh warnings for them to get up.


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