Clay craft – “Bee” using play dough



October theme in Shruti aunty’s blog is clay craft. Actually the kids do a lot of activities with play dough and chappathi dough. But, i haven’t taken any picture of them. The kids are very fond of chappathi dough and their share of chappathi will be taken away in the form of dough itself for their play. Some of the items that they make are lamp, tea-cup, watch, snake, some birds etc. I missed clicking any of them. (I will update this page as they do them in future).

Now, i was wondering what to do for the contest and last week, their uncle got them a gift set (again involving play dough) and this is what the kids made. I am using the same for the contest.



The raw materials used are play dough and ready-made eyes, wings and legs.

The final product is the Bee as seen below.



One response to “Clay craft – “Bee” using play dough

  1. priya sridharan

    you have always been an inspiration for me during school days and are now as well.thanks for sharing and inspiring

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