A Quick Recap

Its more than 6 months since i updated this space. Lots of things happened during this time period and a quick recap as follows.

1. First and foremost, we were blessed with a little baby boy on Nov 25th 2010. So, you start hearing about my 3 kids from now on. I have been keeping my mouth shut with great difficulty not to talk about my 3rd pregnancy until the kid was born. There are lots of stories with 2 elder kids (not too old, but anxious, questionable kids) and me being pregnant for the third time. That deserves a separate post which i will do later.

Ilampozhil – at first sight

Ilampozhil with his sisters

2. We named our son as Ilampozhil. Naming function was held on December 5th 2010.

3. Younger daughter Panimalar’s 4th birthday was celebrated on December 15th 2010.

4. New year celebration in our flats – krishna costume for the girls for a dance performance on December 31st 2010.

5. Elder daughter Oviya’s 6th birthday was celebrated on April 26th 2011.

Oviya with panimalar and sindhu.

Oviya with all guests

There are lots of interesting happening during these 6 months which deserves separate postings. Altogether had a nice 6 months break to spend my time with my 3 kids and am back to work.


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