Ilampozhil – in & out

Again a long gap. I have been held up with shifting house, oviya down with typhoid, the little boy taking time to get accustomed to the new place and so on..

Now, coming back to the topic, we had a 4D scan of the little boy 6 weeks before delivery (at 34th week of pregnancy). This is how he looked.

There were lots of discussions in the house as to how he will look when born, whom he resembles, etc.

Children develop their habits and mannerisms from within. They, smile, frown, yawn, swallow, thump suck, sleep, play, kick and what not. From this photo we found that he covers his eyes with his hand while sleeping. Was it bright inside? I thought it is a dark womb.

Now, the beauty is he sleeps the same way even now. See the picture taken 6 weeks after delivery.


7 responses to “Ilampozhil – in & out

  1. So cute and good comparison. Jhanu also slept like this many times.

  2. Indeed, what a resemblances. Gorgeous still!

  3. So very cute!!! you must click a similar pic post 6 months:)

  4. Thanks Jaya, mani & Vidya.

  5. Cute! As vidhya had commented, do post an update after 6 months.

    Getting “photographed” before being born. Wow. I didn’t expect scans to become this good.
    Next is getting an image before being created 🙂 . Then schools like Shishya which are reported to have 3+ yr waiting period might expect “Aaadhar” UID for the “Not Yet Created” kid!

  6. Thanks KPS. Medical field has advanced a lot. I have a video of him moving within. Will post it later.

  7. Wow…so cute baby..his name is also cute..

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