Pozhil – push ups

Our little boy has completed 8 months and is busy with push up exercises, mostly balancing on single hand. He keeps us on our toes to see to that he doesn’t have a fall. He is yet to move forward, but makes 360 degree rotations and moving backward. He rolls and rolls and gets under table, chair or sofa and tries to do push up and ends crying.

The beauty is he does the same in his sleep too. We put n number of pillows around his bed, but to see that he has pushed all those and is lying in some corner of the room, sometimes right under his sisters leg for them to give a kick when they turn sides.

He keeps me sleepless and some nights  it looks as if i see every hour in the clock. Until he completes his task, he is sleepless too. He was so when he first turned on his back. Trying trying even in his sleep. Now, it is to move forward. Hoping that he accomplishes his task of moving forward and sitting on his own soon so that he (and of course me too) gets some good sleep.

Some more snaps of his trials.


One response to “Pozhil – push ups

  1. very cute

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