Piggy Bank collections

It took almost a year and half for the piggy banks to become heavy enough for us to open it. Rules for the piggy bank is here.

The rules were broken many a time with Oviya adding more coins to her bank rather than her sisters. Now that they have a little brother, we decided to pool coins from the piggies together and then count it and divide it by 3.  The girls agreed to the plan and were very much exited about opening the piggies and counting the coins.

Kids seriously in action.

Task completed. It was fun to see that they have added some dummy coins too.

Kids : This is our money. You have to get us whatever we ask for.

Me : No. Only useful things.

Kids : Ok. But, we will only choose the items.

Me : Agreed.

Kids : We will go to ‘xyz’ shop.

Me : Ok. (I don’t remember choosing anything when i was 6. Now they choose each and everything. Which shop to go, what to purchase, ….)

Kids : We will only bring these coins and give it to the shop keeper.

Me : No dear. You can’t give these coins to them. I will give rupee note in value of this and exchange these coins elsewhere.

Ovi : Where will you exchange this amma.

Me : In a bank or so.

Ovi : I will also come to the bank.

Me :  (Tired of their questions.) Oviya, now you want to go to the shop and buy or we will drop the plan itself.

Kids : OK. We will go.

Me : (Most of the time i answer all their questions, but occasionally i will have to stop them with some blackmail. Not sure if it is right or wrong. But, i don’t dig deep and leave it as it is. They are old enough to understand me and my thoughts. Off late, i see them read my mind too).

On mutual agreement we went to the shop. Their choices were, big crayon set (2 in number one for each, not willing to share),  globe, big book of coloring (again 2 in number), rhymes CDs,… Before they picked some more, I said stop. We only have 364 rupees and we have to give some share to pozhil too. We got him a small toy and the rest of all that they choose.. (of course with some additional money from me).

On the whole, it was a happy Sunday and the piggies are back in place. (this time 3 piggies).


One response to “Piggy Bank collections

  1. Meiyappan Sathappan

    hmm. Next time they are going to ask for 2 WII console 🙂 – Meiyappan

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