Parts of an animal

Oviya is in grade I and she has science as a subject. She used to write fruits names, vegetables names, animals-young-ones-homes and stuffs like that. Few weeks back, she got a homework with heading “parts of an elephant”. This was the conversation.

Me : (looking at the topic) Oviya, this sounds new. do you have to write the parts of an elephant.

Ovi : No mummy. You have to draw?

Me : (what, come again) draw? draw what? an elephant?

Ovi : Yes. draw elephant and write its parts.

Me :  (Sounds interesting. I vaguely recollect drawing a plant and marking its parts somewhere in 6th std or so. She is in 1st std and draw an elephant. ) Do you know to draw an elephant?

Ovi : Yes ma. I did in class today.

Me : Ok. go ahead and let me watch.

She went about drawing an elephant in a miniature form in one corner of the page. And i interrupted  as

Me : Ovi, draw a bigger one in the center of the page so that it is easy for you to mark the parts.

Ovi : If i draw one at the center, where will i draw the other elephants.

Me : (What? other elephants….) how many you are going to draw?

Ovi : One for each part.Totally six.

Now i understood. She has to draw and color one part and draw another and color another part and so on. Hmm…. Sounds interesting.. And this is the outcome.

A closer view.

And last week, it was parts of a horse. She drew horses and labeled its parts. She herself said, “Ma, some horses look like pigs. I don’t like them. I am not able to draw..” I said, “Never mind. Mummy doesn’t know to draw even this much. You are doing a good job..” and convince her.

Not sure what else is in store. Will update as and when she does.


3 responses to “Parts of an animal

  1. Her drawings are so beautiful!! If I had done, it’d wouldn’t be half as good as this!

  2. Thanks Vidhya. True. I attempted to draw one and found her’s better than mine. Luckily she has inherited the drawing habits from her dad who is very good at it.

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