Pozhil – few tidbits

Again after a long gap. Have been thinking to update this space and somehow it gets missed. Now a few tidbits about our junior. (though each of his actions deserves a separate post in detail).

1. He has successfully accomplished his task of sitting on his own from lying down position.

2. He can crawl all around the house (fastly). Mostly wherever his sisters go. They keep running about and this little boy crawls in between their legs that i keep shouting to the girls to be careful and not to stamp him.

3. His teeth have started showing out, 2 each in upper and bottom jaw and wants to bite everything. The sisters are having fun feeding him and touching his teeth.

4. He holds any object on his way (chair, sofa, cot, etc) and stands up. But, sitting back from standing position is still a problem and falls down. (Keeping us on our toes).

5. Says few words, Amma, Appa and sometimes akka. Girls are super excited about it.

6. Says a strong no with nodding his head to and fro if we he doesn’t like anything. (Not sure where he learnt, but nice to see him nod).

7. If he senses someone is going out, he would run to them and catch their legs, wanting to be taken out too.

8. Cries a lot with tears showing signs of anger and adamant if we do something against his wish.

9. Catching ants, biting amma’s cellphone, trying to put his finger in tv, telephone sockets, moving fast to the bathroom if the doors are open to play in water are some of his hobbies.

10. Playing in the night, by climbing on us, not allowing us to sleep and be awake till as late as 11 or 11.30 pm is his most favourite time pass. Because, we leave the house in the morning when is still sleeping. While the sisters are back from school in the afternoon, I am back only late in the evening. So, none of us restrict his playtime.

And lot more. Will update later.


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