Say Cheese

At last, I was able to capture a picture of pozhil showing his growing teeth. Whenever you take a camera or a cellphone for a click, he just nods his head, or tries to catch the capturing device, that it is difficult to get a clear picture of him. My hit ratio is almost 1 in 20 or so..

His 2 upper teeth are big and with a wide gap as it was for his elder sister.

His 2 lower teeth are small without any gap, bit he never showed it for a photo session.




Naughty look at his mom who is forcing him to show off his teeth.

A side pose. I often end up taking him in side pose or most of the time his back, because he never shows his face for a photo click.


2 responses to “Say Cheese

  1. so cute! look at that bunny teeth!

  2. Thanks vidya. Yes. bunny teeth, so big with wide gaps.

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