Diwali – 2011

First diwali for Ilampozhil. As it was with his sister’s first diwali, he was reluctant to go out and started crying for the sound of crackers.

But, the 2 girls were always out in the ground busy watching people burst crackers.

I have to warn them thousand times to be very careful when they are out of home in my absence. Nowadays, any festival (not alone diwali) is welcomed with excitement by the kids and with lots of work (household + baby sitting) in the absence of baby sitter, by their mom. So, most of the time, myself and pozhil stayed inside, while the girls had real fun out.

Oviya has improved from just soft sparklers to lighting few chakras, while Panimalar moved from just watching to holding some soft sparklers.

The little boy just watched some colorful fireworks in the sky that i just showed him out of our balcony in 7th floor. But, if hears some crackers sound, he would start to cry and we come in. I will have to wait and see for his improvement next year. On the whole, a safe diwali.


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