Pozhil stays away from us

Pozhil is now staying with my mom in my native place. My  baby care taker in on long leave for 10 days for unavoidable personal reasons and it so happened that we were left with no other choice than sending him to be with my mom.

There were lots of thoughts and arguments about this decision of mine, but absolutely no other choice. While Oviya and Panimalar stayed away from me at age 3, this little boy is now staying away from us at age 1. I know he is in very safe hands (in fact better hands), but still we all miss him so much. It was tough for me to convince the 2 girls and get their permission to send their little brother. They wanted to join him, but they cannot afford to miss 10 days of schooling. So, they also accepted my decision.

He is happy over there. Follows his routine as it was here. I know for sure, he would miss us too, but doesn’t know to tell that. Our dear little bubbloo (his sisters pet name for him), we all love and miss you so much and awaiting for you to come back soon.


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