Happy 5th Birthday Panimalar

Yesterday (15th dec, 2011) was 5th birthday for panimalar and it went on well.

Gone are the days where i choose the birthday cake for them. Now, the girls want to choose it on their own. Somewhere in their friend’s birthday party, they have seen chota bheem character on the cake. And Pani wanted Krishna chota bheem for her birthday. Now that ‘cake world’ is a walkable distance from our house, last week, i took them to the shop to order the cake. When they saw the catalogue book, they were excited about the number of varieties available.

Now they have a big list of cakes to be ordered for their up coming birthdays and settled with Krishna Chota Bheem for this birthday. The cake has come out well and both of them were doubly happy seeing it. The only sad part was that the little boy was not here with us to celebrate his sister’s birthday. These girls also miss him so much and they wanted to stock some portion of this cake for their bubbloo brother. I had to convince them saying we can get fresh cake for him when he comes and not stock this same cake.

Dear Panimalar,

Though you are 5 years old, you are still a cute little girl loved by all at home. May the lord almighty fill your life with tons and tons of  happiness, prosperity and peace.

With loads of love and kisses,

All of us at home.


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