Pram ride

Pozhil can guess some timings even though he could not speak it out.

8.20 a.m – sisters say bye and hurry to catch the school van. Most of the time, they wake him up and say bye and leave.

9 to 9.30 a.m – amma and appa says bye and move to office.

3.15 p.m – sisters return from school and wake him up from his afternoon nap.

5.00 pm – (our boy’s favorite time). There is a scheduled power cut at 5 in our area and as soon as the power goes off, (TV goes off) he will move near his pram indicating he is ready for the pram ride. He becomes restless and cranky if we don’t take him down in his pram (from our house in 7th floor) in the next 5 minutes. He becomes very happy and excited when he comes down and he has lots of friends there. (ranging from fellow age group kids in pram, kids of akka’s age playing in the park, bigger anna’s playing football, cricket in the ground, aunties and uncles going for a walk and more thathas sitting in the open air and chatting and some patties and thathas in the temple). Kids have real fun outdoors.

And, it is not okay for him to stand idle. Someone has to keep rolling the pram and keep it on the move. If you stop, he would be quiet for hardly 3 minutes. Then he would become restless and want to get down and start crying and make sure someone is keeping him on the move. While my caretaker goes for 3 rounds around the colony, Oviya would take him for one round.

On the whole the little boy is having a nice ride for an hour or so and be back home by 6 or 6.30 pm.

I tried taking some snaps with the three kids together, but this little boy started crying as the pram was stopped. He will just close his eyes and cry and it will actually be a fun to watch that. Nowadays he adopts different modes for crying and getting things done which deserves a separate post.


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