We had been on a team trip to Avlanche – DestinyFarmStay in Ooty.

It was a beautiful place, with greeneries all around, with the blue avlanche lake in the center and a very nature friendly place.

This is the first time, i am taking my girls on a team trip. (Yes. Leaving my son at home. He is just 1+ years and it will take another 2 years for him to join us). I should say, he was very very good boy in our absence. Though he went about all rooms searching for us, he could not speak up and ask for us. He surely missed us, as much as we missed him in the trip.

Now coming to the trip, the kids enjoyed the whole trip starting with the train journey to each and every event there. Oviya has grown up to take a side upper berth all alone herself, while Panimalar shared mine in the side lower berth.

Our train was till mettupalayam, and from there we had arranged for a private bus to Avlanche. We reached DestinyFarmStay at around 12 in the noon with few stops on the way for tea and breakfast. The last 2 km stretch to the Destiny stay will be through their private vehicle. (which was a real roller coaster ride).

I had all emergency medicines for the kids and anti vomiting is one of them. To be on safer side, i thought i would give my girls a few mls of the syrup, when we started the uphill journey. But, as soon as i took out the bottle there were more people wanting it and the bottle was empty for one way itself.

We spend 2 full days at Destiny with activities ranging from horse riding, fishing, trekking, ziplining, indoor games like TT, carrom, outdoor games like cricket, ring ball, etc.

There was a children play area and the girls were full time there doing the rope walk. The temperature during the day time was around 25 degrees celcius and it fell down to 14 degrees during night. The bonfire did give us some warmth it will not last if you move a few meters away from it.

The food was excellent. For the food itself, i would like to go there again. On the whole, the stay was very pleasant and memorable. And obviously, we didn’t want to come back. We had set a goal for ourselves to visit the place again once the little boy grows up.


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