The tireless trio

While i go home tired after the day’s work or during the weekends where i will already have a big list of items to do, the three of them would be ready at the door steps waiting to go out somewhere. Be it either to the supermarket or to the vegetable/fruit vendor or to the medical shop or to my office (if i go to office during weekends), wherever i go, all three of them wants to accompany me. I would rather not do any shopping than to take them to the shop. It will only end up in big fights between us and buying things not needed and forgetting to buy what i actually wanted to buy. Till the recent past, i somehow managed to trick the little boy and leave him at home. Not anymore. Any amount of trick doesn’t work now. He is the first one ready at the door steps. See how the boy is leading his sisters to go out for shopping.

And Oviya carrying him, to stop him from running to the main road until i join them, ultimately making him cry. Panimalar is enjoying the whole scene.

I always wonder where from they get so much energy and not getting tired at all, leaving me with a feeling of getting old.


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