Pozhil goes to play-school

Now its pozhil’s turn. I can’t imagine he has grown up to go to a play school. Time really flies. I had a debate within me whether to put him in a play school or not. With all of us leaving to school/office by 8.30 a.m in the morning, the little boy is getting bored with staying alone at home all through the day. Temper tantrums are on a rise. So, finally decided to put him in a play school for half a day (9 am to 1 pm) from this vijayadasami and today was his first day.

For a week or so, i have to stay with him, so that he gets used to the place and the teachers. He was happy today as i was also with him. Hopefully, he mingles with teachers and other kids soon and relieves me to get back to my work. Join me in wishing him Best of Luck.


One response to “Pozhil goes to play-school

  1. good.he will get used to soon and will enjoy playing with all children.

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