Diwali – 2012

We had been to our native place for this Diwali. While it was full of fun and excitement for the kids, I was on my toes ensuring their safety and health.

Oviya was in full swings from sparklers to flower pots, to chakras, to shots, all by herself. I should say she was over excited.

Panimalar restricted herself with only the sparklers and enjoyed watching her sister burst the rest.

The little boy was just happy watching everything, but ensured that i should not even hold a sparkler. He was ok with his sisters bursting all the crackers, but the moment i touched them, he started to scream. But, i was happy that he was present in the scene and watched everything without any cry, while last year,  he restricted himself within the house and started crying on hearing even mild sound. Good improvements.  I will have to wait and see, what he does next year.

Altogether, it was fun filled, safe and happy Diwali.


2 responses to “Diwali – 2012

  1. Hi Raji,

    Really very nice to see cute family. I remember my childhood days. {We are also three – Two Sisters and One Brother } Happy Family 🙂

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